The main objectives of the project are

The DIGI-FIRE project in which 7 partners participate from TR, DE, ES, RO countries aims to realize method of vocational trainings of volunteer firefighters actively working with Digi-FİRE project economically, quickly and easyly through e-learning. This project will serve at the same time to disseminate the voluntary firefighting specific to Turkey across Europe. The target group of the project is the 125,000 Voluntary Firefighters who actively work in the applicant institution and its partners.
• Developing the skills of volunteer firefighters who serve actively in a wide range region in EU Member States through digital training materials,
•To increase the capacity of NGOs working in the field of Voluntary Firefighting,
•To share good examples available in EU member countries in the digital field,
•To be prepared for possible catastrophes by increasing the number of Volunteer Firefighters in EU member states,
•To provide economical, easy and fast access to educational contents of volunteers living in rural areas with limited opportunities,
• To Contribute to Voluntary Firefighting Policies