In the project cycle, Digital Training Materials and Voluntary Firefighting e-Learning Portal outputs will be developed.

Digital Training Materials;

Due to the developments in Information and Communication Technologies during last 30-40 years, the era we are in is also called the era of information and communication, and these developments are among the Erasmus + priorities. In this era in which technology has entered into every aspect of life, the scope of information, the form and speed of access to information also showing changement.On the other hand, new channels are showing upin accessing information. Within this scope, it is aimed to develop digital education materials for Voluntary Firefighters in the project cycle.

Voluntary firefighters will be provided a system in which digital training materials are free and they can learn without restrictions of time and space, repeat lessons as much they want,evaluate their learning levels and receive personalized exam result reports.

Targeted Digital Training Materials for Volunteer Firemen will be prepared after (O1) which will result in the 7th month of the project and will contain the following contents;

* E-content; The documents of all subjects on which volunteer firefighters are trained will be posted free of charge in the project cycle. Voluntary firemen will be able to use unlimited number of subject texts of all courses, print out or solve questions and see their results.

* E-book; E-books are books that can be viewed and read on computers and other electronic devices that are published in digital media containing texts or pictures, or both. Taking into account the needs of volunteer firefighters, they will be prepared as a result of a planned and organized work that will enable them to learn on their own. Volunteer firemen will be free to learn with e-book without time and space limitations, repeat lessons and print out lessons.

* Educational Videos; Volunteer firefighters will be able to improve themselves by watching short training videos that include high quality and current topic narration.

* E-exam; It will be presented to Voluntary firemen with the aim of measuring themselves and their achievements in a way that is close to reality. At the end of the training they will be able to solve questions and see their results and evaluate themselves

Voluntary Firefighting e-learning Portal;

E-learning portal is an information portal designed to provide Volunteer Firemen with fast, easy and economical access to educational content. On the e-learning portal, different pages will be created for each course and will be presented for usage. This will provide the necessary platform for user with different learning styles to use the most appropriate study method.